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2021 04/23 - S. G.            Her Photo Shoots are what she says a magical time, where precious moments are captured, without anxiety.  She really knows which pose works best for the outcome of a great photo. The quality of her photos are superb, she really knows what she is doing with her camera, and how to work the lighting, to make a picture come out fantastic. She can restore old photos which she has done for me, and even do Pet Memorials, with recent pictures of your furry friends.

2020 11/30 - D.R.                  I've used Misty's services a few times, and I'm really impressed on her quality.  Misty did some head shots for me, and they came out perfect!  I would have had to pay a lot more to someone else.  The quality of her photos are superb!  It shows that she must put a lot of time into them, to touch them up.  She is a true artist.  She's also very easy to work with.  I used her on another occasion to take some photos of me in a Santa costume.  She suggested some great poses.  On other occasions, she did music videos for YouTube.  I've had lots of compliments on what was done.

2020 09/29 - J. Hewett       The photos are great!  Just wanted to Thank you for being so quick to accommodate and available to me.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks so much. 

2019 12/20 - E. Shin             Misty did a terrific job! It was so fun to work with her and her fun personality, which made us feel very welcomed and comfortable. She helped us out with our bridal photos at the beach and had some great ideas of poses to work with and then she recently did our maternity pictures in her in-home studio. Misty is very creative in her work and we would totally do more photo shoots with her when our daughter is born! She also has a quick turn-around for getting the photos from the shoot which is nice!

2018 12/28 - L. M              I still can't get over how awesome our photos turned out. Misty did an extremely good job.. Misty really knows how to work the lighting and knows which pose works best for the outcome of a great photo. I love her candid style.She is also very easy to work with and humorous. Hire Misty for all your photography needs. You will not be disappointed.

2018 1/28 - M. Reindl            My dog and I had a photo shoot with Misty in December and she picked a lovely park near my house. Misty was quick to get my photos to me after the shoot, and I am very pleased with them. 

2017 11/29 - A. Miller          Misty did a great job of putting a group of family members in a cute, personal posturing.  She had us laughing, making faces, and showing affection for our guest of honor.  He was the star of the group, and seemed to enjoy having our family pictures taken.  After the work of taking the pictures, she offered us a CD with black and white, as well as colored shots, complete with choice of either.  We will use her talent again.

2017 10/5 - S. Glines              I love this site, I love seeing the photos taken by my daughter! She did a photo shoot of me a few years back. I love to see how much better she has gotten with her photos, these last few years. BEAUTIFUL WORK!

2009 7 - C. McGonigle        Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of the photo album. We are so touched by your thoughtfulness and we will treasure the photos forever. Thanks again!

The pictures are beautiful!

The photos turned out Wonderful I love all of them!

You have a great talent in photography.